Monday, August 31, 2009

Hummus is a Great Bento Item

I like adding hummus to bento boxes because 1. protein source and 2. allows many dipping options. By dipping options, I mean carrot sticks, celery, crackers... you get the idea. Featured in these two boxes is the Red Bean Merlot grapeseed oil hummus and the Garbanzo Riesling grapeseed oil hummus. I used to daydream of making my own hummus, but after tasting these, why bother?

Other items in the large square bento box are carrots, lettuce wrapped veggie burgers, insalata caprese, haupia, strawberry and lychee medley. The small box contains yellow carrots (a dipping option), insalata caprese and some olive garnish.

"No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any f*****g Merlot!"

That funny line from the movie "Sideways"crept into my mind when I read this hummus label. It's locally made and being sampled, (I love samples, but I digress) at the Farmer's Market yesterday. I savored a small square smeared with this purple-brown goodness and wondered, "Why would anyone have objection to Merlot"? Confession: I've never tasted Merlot. So what's the problem? Confession: I don't drink wine. All right... last confession: I don't drink any alcohol. I'm happy just to be blissfully ignorant and munch this yummy merlot flavored hummus which will be featured in tomorrow's bento box. BTW, I have no affiliation but I have to say all the hummus from Sound Bites tasted delish and I bought a couple different varieties.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nope, not a Tomato.

It's an eggplant. How cool are these? I don't know the variety and neither did the vendors. They were so beautiful; how could any bento maker resist? They lost their color a bit after cooking but not their taste! Yummy with curry sauce and placed in the square bento box. Along with the eggplant is a 2 egg tamagoyaki, namasu made with those carrots in the photo, figs, saturn peach and those ubiquitous champagne grapes.

Today's Featured Veggies

Quick post to sneak peak the items to be packed for tomorrow's bento lunches. Take a look and see if you can identify some of these wonderful "just picked today" vegetables. Some of them are not what you may think. Hmmm.....
I'll post the answer later with the completed bento box.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Get a Kick from Champagne!

Well, Champagne grapes that is. I bought a huge container so my last few bentos all have them packed in there.
Not complaining;
"just sayin".
I'm not a fan of grapes (please, no hate mail), but these little cuties are perfect for bento boxes. Adds texture and interest. I highly recommend them for filler material; if not used as a main ingredient. They taste good and they don't have seeds!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Day Jitters

OMG!!! Blogging is not easy for me. Bentos I can do. Blogging...not so much. Yesterday's 1st post was a whim; "I'll fix it up" later. Nope. It stays the way it is.

In the meantime please enjoy my
bento photos.

The Round Box Bento

I really enjoy packing this round box. It seems no matter what I add, it looks ok. I think the round box just lends itself to nice bento presentation. I recommend a round box for those who are doubting their ability to pack both healthy and pretty bento lunches.

Bento Contents: Miso Egg, Olives, Champagne Grapes, Carrots, Fig, and Strawberries. I 've lined the box with green leafy lettuce as it's a nice filler and great as a partition between some items.