Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 Bento Box Lunches (updated)

Short post because it's so late. I made some Insalata Caprese (shock) with those yummy heirloom tomatoes I bought yesterday. I used buffalo mozzarella instead of the usual, normal cow cheese. OMG, so delish. Is the buffalo kind healthier? I. Don't. Care. It's remarkably good. In short, 3 bento boxes for tomorrow; 2 for Saba Man and the new little square box for me.

This bento box is my new favorite; it's super cute. (read: portion control) It's my first Lock & Lock box and I'm hooked and if you see an obsessed ,middle aged woman staring at the display of these boxes at Central Market this weekend; giggling is okay but laughing and pointing is not.