Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Rose by any Other Name is a Tomato

Saba Man likes both so it's okay.
So ...someone asked me why I don't have any rice in my bento boxes. Good question and there's no delicate way to say it other than we need to cut back on the calories so no rice for awhile. However, I found a small corner of rice pasta in a baggie. Should I toss it, cook it or shove it back into the pantry. Well, you can see I chose the most bento-like option ,boiled those puppies up and made a salad. But first I had to poke around the bento stash to see if there were any other past bento remnants. Hey, purple peppers from the farmer's market last week. Check. Handful of frozen edamame stuffed in a tiny plastic tub. Check. Cherry tomatoes for color. Check. Oh,oh,oh, I bought some of those cute mozzarella pearls too. Okay, go ahead and crank up the pot. (So much for cutting back) Along with the salad there's golden enoki mushrooms which I lightly sauteed in olive oil, garlic, S &P. Sliced mango, necatarines and the "go-to" bento color enhancer Okinawan Sweet Potato.