Monday, September 14, 2009

Nanaimo Bar Quest and a Bento Box

I'll get to the bento box shortly but first a quick mention about my search for a Nanaimo Bar.

Saba Man and I've been spending some time up north in Canada and discovered that Nanaimo Bars were from well, Nanaimo! Years ago when I moved from the islands to the Pacific Northwest, I discovered some strange sounding yet delicious foods like Geoducks, Aplets and Cotlets, lattes. I've tried most of these tasty treats except the Nanaimo Bar; it's eluded me and for far too long. It is time. Time for a quest, a Nanaimo Bar quest. And not just any Nanaimo Bar. Stay tuned.

Ok, back to our scheduled programming.

Today's bento box is vegan! Stirfried "wheat meat", Singapore noodles with tofu, sauteed gai lan, blueberries, mango with yokan. Frequent readers will recognize the bento box as Saba Man's main box which I pack on most days. It's a quick and easy box to fill. The 4 equal sized compartments eliminates the need for seperators.