Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today at the Summer Market

It rained. It rained hard. My plans were teetering on "weather" or not to get wet walking over to the market or staying in, cranking up the PC (now fixed) and watching the sneak peak of "Dexter" Season 4, episode 1. When the rain stopped, I still wasn't convinced that I needed to leave the house until I spied my empty pantry. My eyes went from my computer and back to my large market bag. market I go with Saba Man in tow. Now today's farmer's market is usually a hub of fresh vegetables and baked goods, but most of the vendor's today brought their flowers. Not that I don't like flowers, I love them and so do my cats. But I needed bento items. Yes, I did find some purple carrots, berries and squash, but why was there only one booth with cherry tomatoes? Did the rain keep the usual farmers at bay? Not likely. Perhaps everyone is out of town for the long holiday weekend. Could be. I'll get another chance tomorrow to restock when I visit our neighboring farmer's market. Keeping fingers crossed that the farmers decide to forgo their holiday and sell me some tomatoes.