Sunday, September 20, 2009

Banh Mi and other Vietnamese Yummies

We stopped at Seattle Deli to grab a bite while running errands today. (I need a few more items to take on my trip. Note to self: do not forget to pack the "MRB". ) The deli was full, packed from the counter to the door of people purchasing hot meals, spring rolls, breads and bahn mi. And it's obvious to why Seattle Deli always has a line... their banh mi is just super wonderful. Fresh baguettes with lightly pickled cucumbers, carrots and lemon grass along with whatever protein you like. Saba Man loves the BBQ Pork, I of course being vegetarian opted for grilled tofu. Mmm mmm mmm!!!
This is a strictly "to go" eatery and when you pull into the parking lot you'll see customers enjoying their meal in their cars! Today's sandwiches were for immediate consumption no "bento boxing" (thanks Judy).
In the past, I've specifically bought sandwiches for packing a bento box lunch. As you can see in the photo Saba Man's banh mi is packed in my favorite pink, polka dot, basket type bento box.