Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bento Break? I Think Not!

Saba Man and I are now on a well deserved vacation. No alarm clocks, no commuter traffic, no bento boxes. What? No bento boxes? That's correct, for a couple of days anyway while we prepare to get out of town for a little while.

It's really strange that I did not make any lunch boxes for tomorrow. The evening felt kind of empty, like something was "missing". I'm watching Jay Leno without pausing to stir or scoop. There's no whirring of the microwave; like background music during the evening news.

Tonight, I'm not packing bento boxes for lunch. I'm packing them away! All except the round box. The round bento box is coming with me. So with that, I have a surprise. More of an announcement, a bento contest announcement!

I have a couple of nice bento boxes to give away, not filled of course, they're new and it's up to the winner to fill. The prize will include all sorts of bento box tools and goodies which I will photograph and post later tomorrow. The rules of the contest will be posted then too.

In the meantime, here's a bento box that I packed a while ago. It's the round bento box, also known as the "Magic Round Box" or "MRB". The photo shows a packed, ready to be eaten, in-flight meal. For this upcoming trip, I'm not flying, but will need this box. (That's a hint for the contest)