Friday, September 11, 2009

Bento Box with Moonlight Cafe Leftovers

I went to dinner at a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant that also serves vegan dishes. In fact they have 2 seperate menus which they provide to each patron. Superb. We decided to eat here based on word of mouth and Yelp. The "Moonlight Cafe" is the place to go for Asian vegan. My friends ordered some beef and chicken (the real stuff) and gave me what they couldn't finish for Saba Man. Of course I promptly made his bento boxes as soon as I got home. Love those leftovers. Also in the boxes are various fruits, mozzarella pearls, OSP, and pasta salad. Yes, there is rice in there too. I know I stated yesterday that we were trying to stay away from the white stuff, but I couldn't bring myself to toss it out.

The vegan leftovers were packed right there at the table in... you guessed it; my new favorite L & L box. You can view the vegan entrees here.