Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salmon Patty Bento Box

Tonight, I remembered the salmon patties for the bento box. Also packed some ogo salad, which I made. Recipe? Nope. I just added to the seaweed: sesame oil, sliced onion, sliced cucumber,carrot, dash of soy sauce and sesame sead. There's some mango tucked in the corner with blackberries. These are not your ordinary blackberries, super spendy, but super sweet.
The snack bento box has my fave salad from PCC Natural Markets, Turkish Apricot Garbanzo. I love it and so does Saba Man. Why does he get 2 boxes you ask? He works long hours and eats his large bento box for lunch and the smaller snack box before he starts his commute home.

Sidebar: I saw a Nanaimo Bar in one of the coffeshops today. But I was in a rush and didn't get it. So it appears that my quest is far from over. I'm working remotely for the remainder of the week so there's little chance of tasting my first Nanaimo Bar until after the weekend.