Monday, September 7, 2009

The Hunt for Red Tomatoes

The rain continued yesterday which put a damper, pun intended, on my trip to purchase tomatoes at the farmer's market. Not only did it rain, but it was so windy it pummeled my owl kite, which I hang on my deck to scare away the squirrels. No matter... the squirrels were undaunted and brave, the cat was not and is probably very relieved.

Okay, back to the tomato quest। I ended up at the grocery store, Central Market to be exact; they have pretty much all my usual bento ingredients and they keep a well stocked, self serve, bakery case. In fact they have so many yummy things I almost forgot the main reason why I decided to leave the comfort of my computer to drive in the pouring, windy rain. TOMATOES!!! And wow, did they have them. Heaps of organic, beautiful tomatoes. Now some of you know that I have a habit of packing Insalata Caprese in my bento boxes. Well, with all these beauties my addiction to this Italian summer salad will surely continue way beyond Labor Day.