Monday, September 7, 2009

Bento Box Item: Green Tea Jellies

Do you ever purchase those frozen, ready made shumai? I do on occasion and whenever I open the package I stare at the plastic holder/divider thing that seperates each shumai. I know it sounds obsessive, but it's a really nifty piece of plastic and I just can't throw it into the recycle bin without somehow repurposing it. So I stashed one of them in my official box of potential essential bento tools (EBT) which, of course is next to the "pile of many Daiso gadgets". Until today!!! While mixing up a batch of green tea jellies, I decided to set them in molds instead of pouring into a shallow pan for future cubing. The former shumai plastic tray is now a jelly mold and rehomed to the official drawer of EBT.

I also used some of tops of onigiri molds and egg shapers for the jellies which worked out quite dandy. The jellies are made with kanten (agar agar) Just follow the directions on the packaging and substitute the water for whatever flavor you want. And because these jellies stay firm at room temperature, they're super for packing in you bento lunch box. What flaver do you or your kids like? The recipe is limit-less really. Have fun with making your own jellies and post your results in the comments. I would love to see your photos, recipes and share ideas.