Monday, October 5, 2009

Bento Box Close Up

I'm occasionally stumped when attempting to present a pleasing bento. Color is important by far, and for me it's the fun part when designing a bento box. The anticipation after buying purple carrots keeps me motivated for sure. The "not fun part" is texture. I have made plenty of bento boxes that are boring, boring, boring and it's not for lack of color, but lack of texture. By texture I mean both visual and touch. This other "bento dimension" is challenging and it's something I'm learning with each attempt. This photo captures a recent bento box that hopefully showcases texture as well as color. Of course, bento boxes are a personal thing, to each his own, as they say and I support every one's creativity. What do you like or dislike about your bento?

Of course TASTE is a priority for me, but what's your opinion or thoughts with regards for bento design and satisfaction? Are you a super artist that easily whips out cute charaben? (I'm envious of these gifted folks) How about practical, no fuss, no muss bento boxes without the Sanrio character? Do you sketch your bento box design beforehand or are you filling each tier "on the fly"? What combinations of food items or accessories make your bento box complete? Is your major focus about health and nutrition?

This box contains Lettuce Wrapped Salmon. It's made with grilled salmon and sliced cucumbers wrapped in green leaf lettuce. The sauce is a combination of kochujang/mayo/honey/sesame. Any fish or meat can be substituted and romaine lettuce lettuce is awesome for wrapping. It's delicious and BONUS... you don't need utensils to eat it.