Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodies from Seattle Deli

It was a very long day so we stopped at our fave Vietnamese take-out place to purchase fillers for tomorrow's bento boxes. Saba Man has BBQ Chicken banh mi with mango and assorted fruits packed in the now familiar pink sandwich bento box. Hehehe... it's the only basket bento box I have, he's used to the cute polka dots ,and his coworkers have stopped asking about it. So there you go. The snack box contains tofu spring roll, miso egg, takuwan, edamame and lotus root cooked with ginger.
To prepare this lotus root, simmer sliced lotus root in water,shoyu, mirin, sliced ginger until the liquid evaporates. Let cool completely then place in the bento box. Eat any pieces that don't fit.