Thursday, October 1, 2009

Purple Potato Salad Bento Box

Another fun farmer's market find were these purple potatoes. They have black skin and a very deep purple flesh. How cool is that? Anyway... I am very used to preparing Okinawan Sweet Potatoes, (OSP) for bento boxes; steamed or baked then cut up into cute little shapes. These black beauties however, gave me pause. Hmmm... I could give them the same treatment right? Yes, but only by lending their valuable color to the design. No flavor. They taste like regular 'ole potatoes which I would normally embellish with the usual butter, salt or sour cream. Nope, not in the mood, so I decided to make potato salad. It should work... Right? Uh uh. The result was not visually appealing. Sure, it tastes as expected, like I'm on a picnic, but the purple bled into the mayo and created some weird, lavender colored, mystery salad.
I used it anyway, but covered it with some sliced figs. And after all that... I ended up cutting up the leftover bits into cute shapes anyway. Pass me the butter.