Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simmered Kabocha Bento Box

A quick "sidebar" before the bento box and kabocha squash portion of this article.

We had technical difficulties late last night. While in the middle of posting the inarizushi article, the PC monitor decided it was time to quit. So long, farewell, adios, buh-bye! Of course I immediately dived under the desk to jiggle, unplug and replug every wire until I was certain that a side trip to the 'puter shop (before football) was absolutely necessary. "I have to buy a new monitor", was the conclusion after many unsuccessful attempts to "make it go". But oh,oh... who has the best deal? What brand do I want? What can I afford? I don't know, because...wait for it... without a monitor, I cannot search online! So, we got up early,"Gasp", bought the Sunday paper, and searched the ads. Haven't done that in awhile and it was slow going. Most ads didn't list their store hours, so again we went "old school", licked our finger tip, browsed the phone book, and called each store and listened to their pre-taped message. As you can see, we met with success and I managed to publish the article before the drive to the football stadium. Saba Man was dropped off, bento box safely in his backpack, and in time for the national anthem.

Ok, now the bento box part of this post. I did buy a kabocha squash for use with Maki's recipe from her Just Bento site and I am so glad I did. It tastes wonderful and of course perfect for a bento box lunch. My only regret is that I should of picked a larger one. The next kabocha I buy, will be much bigger so I can split the pieces between a couple different recipes, have some for freezing, and for snacking as I pack the lunches. I kept eating the kabocha chunks as it cooled, which really limited the selections.

The other bento box items in the photo are grilled salmon patties, roasted asparagus, soy paper wrapped "rice burritos", takuwan and grape tomatoes. The "rice burritos" are an experiment. There was left over inarizushi rice from yesterday and instead of making more sushi, I just hand rolled the soy wrappers around the rice like a tortilla. They seemed ok and looked like they'd hold up until lunch, but I'll be sure to check with Saba Man and report his feedback. If he remarks "hey,yummy kabocha, but what was the lumpy white stuff?" Then no, they didn't hold up.