Saturday, October 17, 2009

Inarizushi Bento Box for the Seahawk Game

In recent posts I've remarked on the signals that the summer was gone and fall was here. The temperature drops along with leaves... and so forth. The least poetic proof of autumn's arrival is of course FOOTBALL, both the NFL and all those college conferences. And each weekend, until late in December, we are either on the Interstate 5 shuttling to and from the stadium, or glued to the television set. I must confess that I'm just the driver and do not personally attend the games. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the game, just in the comfort of my home. The cold air and I do not get along. Saba Man is both a football and a bento fan so when his backpack contains a snack box full of his favorites, he a very happy Seahawk 12th Man!

The actual box for the game is a reused container; one of many commercial take-out boxes that I refuse to recycle just yet. Coincidental, this box did contain some sort of take-out sushi combo so I'm glad for my decision to stash it. Okay, now Saba Man is very trustworthy and has never lost or damaged an "empty", but given that a crowd of rabid Seahawk fans could care less about a kawaii bento box, let's not risk it. So we'll lighten the load and his responsibility. He can simly drop this "empty" into one of the many recycle bins that Qwest Field provides.
What's in the box?

Tamagoyaki with green onions and a sports event favorite: inarizushi!

This inarizushi is made with hapa rice (mixed brown and white rice). More on this concept later. What I found exciting about this sushi version is a recipe I found on Maki's JustBento site. I love her idea and tried improvising by mixing the hijiki salad that I bought yesterday with the rice. The flavors worked well! Best of all, it saved some time and it looks pretty. By all means, not traditional but hey, it's hapa bento.

hapa rice with hijiki anc carrots