Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Many Bento Boxes, Not Enough Space

How Many is too Many?
I wish for a bigger kitchen,(don't we all?) Or rather, a "user friendly kitchen"... how about a "bento friendly" kitchen. Yeah, that would work. But bigger would mean more stuff and "more stuff" I already have, in the shape of bento boxes and the "pile of cute Daiso items". A serious addiction to say the least and it's not looking good in the small, outdated kitchen of my home. Please don't judge me, some of the boxes were gifts! It wouldn't be so bad if I was a tad bit more organized, but alas, immediately putting things away is not my strong suite and the ever growing collection of bento boxes are taking over. The before and after photos are of the main cupboard's bottom shelf where dinner plates used to live. I added a riser and a basket to keep it somewhat neater. You will notice I removed all the matching lunch bags. Those are now stored separately. Gosh, I don't need a bigger kitchen... I need an intervention!