Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Egg Foo Young Bento Box and Dumb Bento Article

I'm a bit "put off" by an article/review I read today in the Seattle Weekly written by Jonathan Kauffman. Although I think it's great promoting a local eatery, especially if the shop sell bento boxes,but this author is misguided in his generic description of bentoists. I'm not sure where he get's his information as I don't know anyone who packs a bento box to " sit out on the table for a few weeks and gather dust. " What? That's really disgusting Mr. Kauffman, and if you know someone who does that, they have bigger problems then making bento boxes for imaginary kids. Despite your gross exaggeration of homemade bento boxes, I will visit this bento selling establishment as their lunches sound divine. Let's hope that portion of your review is accurate.

End of aside.

Today's featured bento box, contains more Egg Foo Young, stir fried eggplant, grilled "wheat meat" with peppers and for dessert nut bar and
strawberries. It was by special request that I did a repeat on the Egg Foo Young which I totally didn't mind, so quick and easy to make. There are many recipes online and you will find some that call for gravy,which I choose to omit from a bento box. Of course packing the gravy in a separate container would be an option. Enjoy!
Nut Bar Details