Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kamaboko Sammich Bento Box

The pink, polka dot, basket bento box (tongue twister) is filled with a homemade sandwich...gasp...what? no banh mi? Nope, as much as we love our banh mi there are occasional opportunities to get creative and today I got my sandwich groove on. A baguette smothered with mayo, sliced green beefsteak tomato and kamaboko. Stop making faces. It's good. The kamaboko with it's soft sweetness and the crisp, yet moist, green tomato is a yummy combination. The Kewpie brand mayo alone would be heavenly in this "fresh from the bakery" baguette. You know this bread... crunchy brown on the outside and fluffy goodness inside. This is the bread that smells like you personally baked it yourself.

The bottom tier holds some fruit and a Jack O Lantern cut sweet potato. Shout out and thanks to gamene for the cute pumpkin cutter. And since it's almost Halloween, here's a cute Pekochan lollipop!

Basket bento boxes confuse me. Instinct tells me not to pack bread in the basket but somehow it turn outs okay. I should do some experiments using the basket on other items and share my findings. I'll add that task to my long "bento box to do list".