Monday, October 12, 2009

Egg Shapers for your Bento Box

Egg molds have been a trial and error thing for me and I've made many a egg salad sandwich with all the failures. After some research and experimentation, I've discovered the rules. The first is to place the egg in the mold while it's still very warm, otherwise it starts to crack. Secondly, coat the inside with a nonstick substance. I like olive oil or butter. Yes, non-stick spray works too, but I don't like the taste and the egg definitely absorbs any flavors. Finally, use a large or extra large eggs depending on the mold. Even large eggs don't fill out the ears in the bear mold and the star mold result is a flower instead. Not so bad, but still... If an extra large egg is too much for your little one, you could cut it in half, wrap the remaining half tightly for the next day or eat it yourself. (I like latter)

Try coating the inside with some flavored butter, like garlic or herbs. Leave the egg in the shaper for a day to allow for full flavor. Yum!

Today's featured bento box contains a first victory over the car mold. Also in this snack are some tomatoes, kiwi berry, sweet potatoes, kamaboko, seaweed salad and simmered mushroom and carrots.

Quick Seaweed Salad: Soak dried wakame in a mixture of dashi, water and mirin. Set aside. Mix together sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and finely chopped roasted garlic for the dressing. (all measurements are too your personal taste) Drain the wakame and toss with the dressing, add toated sesame seeds for garnish. That's it.

Have fun using your egg molds! Beep beep...